Can you camp in the desert in Egypt?

Yes, you can camp in the desert in Egypt. Camping is a great way to experience the beauty and culture of this amazing country. There are many different types of camping available, from luxury glamping resorts to more basic campsites located near oases or other features of interest.

Camping is an excellent option for those who want to explore Egypt’s vast deserts without spending too much money on accommodation or tours. It allows travelers to get close up views of stunning landscapes and unique wildlife that they would not be able see otherwise due to lack access roads into some areas by car or public transport options being limited outside major cities like Cairo and Luxor . Additionally, camping provides a great opportunity for visitors immerse themselves in authentic Bedouin culture as well as experiencing life away from tourist hotspots which often have high prices attached them .

With so much variety when it comes choosing where stay , there something suit every budget traveler’s needs whether they looking luxurious glamping resort complete with all amenities necessary make trip comfortable even remote area , simple campsite provide basic facilities such tent sleeping bag drinking water toiletries food supplies etc., Ultimately , no matter what type choose – sure enjoy unparalleled experiences come along with exploring Egyptian wilderness while also having chance meet local people learn about their customs traditions firsthand !

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