white desert egypt tour price include the following

  •  include, transport from cairo to white desert and back to cairo (private car)
  •  All meals for the duration of the trip
  •  Jeep 4×4 for the duration of the trip
  •   camping in the white desert (sleeping bags-mattress-winter blanket-tent)
  • The White Desert is roughly 500 kilometres south-west of Cairo, in the Farafra depression, a small portion of Egypt’s enormous Western Desert. This region is noted for having some of the country’s most unique landscapes and geological formations. The scenery here range from lush tropical oases with palm trees and hot springs to weird dormant volcanoes surrounded by desert and crystal-covered mountains.
  • the White Desert covers 3010 square kilometres west of the Farafra Oasis. Arriving there is like stepping into another planet, one where tranquillity reigns supreme and contact with nature is unaffected by the trappings of modern life.
  •  we offers ranging from one to 7 nights camping in the Egypt Oasis and Sahara desert . please let me know what is the right offer for you, To enable them to price
  • developed the Egypt Oasis and White Desert. After millions of years and decades, you may now visit there in the twentieth century and clearly view fossils revealing the desert’s previous life.


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